Episode 14 - Money, Money Everywhere and not a Dollar for our Schools

School finance . . . a dry topic? Not here on the EduCulture Podcast! We have an interview with Robert Cotto, Jr. : gentleman and a scholar of school finance in Connecticut. Robert and Shannon discuss the impact of recent cuts to state spending on districts, especially our urban districts.

This week we also have a Bel Biv DeVos update, as she slashes money and common sense from the Department of Education. We round it all out with the Culture Corner, as Shannon geeks out on her newest Snap Chat crush, DJ Khaled and his son.

Episode 10.1- The School to Prison Pipeline

In this episode, Shannon and Linda discuss the complex topic of the school to prison pipeline. They provide an academic discussion about the disproportionate amount of students of color who are disciplined nationwide.  This episode is part one of two episodes about the school to prison pipeline.

Episode 9: Belle Biv Devos

Linda's flying solo this week as Shannon rallies in Washington. The topic? Part 2 of the Betsy DeVos saga. When she was first nominated, Linda and Shannon discussed Betsy's miserable track record in Detroit.  This week, Linda reviews some of the more striking moments of DeVos' confirmation hearing . . . an amazing tale of grizzly bears and Al Franken.

Episode 8: Racialized Tracking

In this episode, Shannon and Linda continue the discussion of racial inequity in education by tackling the topic of racialized tracking in schools. Discover why many consider this to be the modern version of school segregation. This discussion ends with, as always, a list of strategies YOU can use to combat racialized tracking.

Episode 8 also includes a return of the Pop Culture segment, where Linda exposes her ignorance about Snapchat and Shannon schools her.


Why did we choose racialized tracking?

Black and Latino students make up 37 percent of high school students but only 27 percent of students taking an AP class and 18 percent of students passing AP exams, according to the Education Department.

Academic discussion

Pop culture segment- Snapchat





Episode 7: What can you do?

Linda and Shannon discuss ways teachers can do to help education outside of the classroom.  Teachers have been expressing that they feel helpless after the recent election and they give them some ways to get more involved.  Then they discuss the new pick for U.S. education secretary.  

Episode 4: Why Colorblindness is the New Racism

Episode 4: Why Color Blindness if the New Racism

In this episode we discuss the cultural competency continuum.  We focus in on color blindness and the potential risks of subscribing to a color blind ideology. We also give strategies to approach those that ascribe to colorblindness in education.  

Resources from the podcast

Colormute - Mica Pollock

I too am Harvard

Micro aggressions If you don’t see color does that mean you don’t see me.

EdWeek - Beyond Bias: Countering Stereotypes in School



Episode 3: "I can't be a teacher. I'm brown"

This, our third episode, is titled, “Miss, I can’t be a teacher. I’m brown.”  That statement was made by an African-American girl in 1st grade.  Only two years into her public school career and she has already been made to believe that teaching is for white folks. The focus of the show is the lack of diversity in the nation’s cadre of teachers. What percentage of the US teaching force is white? Does it matter? Clearly, we think it does, but why? We also discuss dabbing in our new pop culture segment.

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Coming up next:  Why Color Blindness is the new Racism.  

Episode 2: Miss, You're Racist

Episode 2:

The title of this week’s episode is “Miss, You’re Racist!”  Shannon and Linda talk about the troubling experience of being called a racist as a teacher. Who do you think handled it better? Learning from her mistakes, Linda gives some suggested steps to take if you find yourself in this situation.

Today’s academic discussion focuses on the difference amongst the words, discrimination, prejudice and racism. Shannon uses the book, “Is Everyone Equal?”by Oslem Sensoy to delineate these concepts.

Finally, we pilot a new segment called Report Card Day. In this segment we rip a story about schools and education out of the webisphere and assign a grade for the behavior of the people involved.

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Coming up next week:  “Miss, I can’t be a teacher, I’m brown.”  A discussion centering on the lack of cultural diversity in the national teaching cadre.